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Speaking opportunities

This all started because I didn't have a solid place to go to find a replacement for myself at an event and I wanted another woman to take my spot. #JustSayNoToManels


Collaboration among peers

If you're looking for a solutions partner, vendor, or other experts in the MarTech space, with hundreds already signed up, this community is a great place to start!


Peer Support

We all need sounding boards. Bounce ideas off peers, build your trusted network, hear about the latest growth hack, and have a group of trusted peers in your corner.

Women in MarTech (WiMT)

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We're looking to connect women:

• in marketing at tech companies
• those who are building solutions for marketers
• and those who consider themselves "growth hackers," etc.

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Active Facebook Group

There’s also a Facebook group we started to help build a community around the directory. You can find that here:

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How men can help

We're glad to have your help, men. Looking to book women speakers on MarTech topics? Want to nominate a co-worker or friend? Simply share this page or fill out the form below.

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