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Who We Are

Our Mission

We use digital marketing to ignite our clients’ sales and marketing efforts.

Sprk’d provides strategy and ongoing content creation (think blogging, lead generation, and email marketing and automation) for B2B businesses. We believe even the “un-sexiest” organizations and the people behind them deserve to embrace inbound and tell their story with a little fire — and we’re the missing spark.

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Our Team

sprk'd christine mortensen

Christine Mortensen
Founder & Chief Sprk
Christine created Sprk'd to help startups and small businesses grow by creating content and marketing that doesn't suck.

sprk'd carol ann tan

Carol Ann Tan
Writer, Editor & Designer
Carol Ann is committed to telling game-changing stories from underrepresented perspectives.


sprk'd amy mortensen

Amy Mortensen
Inbound Marketing Manager & Designer
Amy has a passion for visual communication and an interest in art in all its forms and uses.


sprk'd beth dugan

Beth Dugan
Senior Inbound Marketing Writer
When Beth Dugan was a kid, she wanted to be Mean Joe Greene of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now she is a writer — a storyteller at heart — which is much cooler. 


sprk'd paige worthy

Paige Worthy
Account Manager & Inbound Marketing Specialist
Paige Worthy — yes, that's her real name — is all of the following, in no particular order: an aspiring jetsetter, exuberant inbound marketer, oenophile, grammarian, French speaker, and overly ambitious home cook.

sprk'd joe borsca

Joe Borsca
Good design is partially creativity and innovation, but primarily knowledge and awareness.


Who We've Worked With

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