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Analyze & Understand

Service Strategy

A Successful Business Starts with a Solid Foundation.

That's why we created the Sprk’d Foundation Formula™ which helps you

  • Uncover the goals that truly impact your business
  • Clearly define your audience so you're not wasting time chasing the wrong people
  • Create your plan of action so you can start seeing results right away

At the end of this foundation-building phase we deliver a strategy that you can either implement on your own or continue working with us.

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Marketing Action Plans

We know you don’t have time to tend to every new social network out there, handle all of your customers’ needs, and still find time for friends and family. That's why we created Action Plans!

These self-guided worksheets will help you determine where you should be spending your precious time online.

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Action Plans
Analytics Reports

Analytics Reporting and Recommendations

  • Track and analyze performance over time
  • Identify what online activities are working and address what is not working
  • Analyze impact of specific marketing initiatives
  • Pinpoint what content is driving the highest conversions so you can optimize the rest of your site and create future content more strategically
  • Custom recommendations available
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