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Ben Alsip

Through his nine years in the industry, Ben brings unique creative experience to the Sprk’d team. As a member of a tight-knit agency creative group, a freelancer focusing on renewable energy clients, and an award-winning political design consultant through four general elections, Ben has made sure his clients come out on top. He’s a passionate environmentalist who’s been known to liberate derelict phone books off of stoops and into recycling bins. When he’s not choosing between Tarkovsky or Hughes, Ben is probably watching the Blackhawks shellac an opponent or having way too much fun on his trusted two-wheeled steed, Franke.

Sprkd Team Photos Carol Ann
Carol Ann Tan Marketing Intern (a.k.a. Wizard in Training)

Carol Ann is committed to telling game-changing stories from underrepresented perspectives.

Sprkd Team Photos Jenny Modlisz
Jenny Modlisz Inbound Marketing Specialist

Jenny has a passion for all things social media, video production and marketing.

Sprkd Team Photos Santiago Garcia
Santiago Garcia Escallon Inbound Marketing Specialist

Santi is driven by mindful seeking and exploration, living through the modus operandi: It's carpe diem whether de facto or…

Christine Mortensen, Founder of Sprk'd Online Marketing and Design
Christine Mortensen Founder & Chief Sprk

Christine created Sprk'd in order to help startups and small businesses grow by creating content and marketing that doesn't suck.

Amy Mortensen
Amy Mortensen Inbound Marketing Manager & Designer

Amy has a passion for visual communication and an interest in art in all it’s forms and uses; from high…

Andy Daglas
Andrew Daglas Copywriter & Editor

Andrew Daglas is a copywriter, editor, and critic based in Chicago. In addition to Sprk'd, he has created and managed…