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Small Business Website

Web design is more than 'pretty pictures.'

Your small business website needs to not only look good, but also be easy to use, help inform and encourage potential customers to purchase and be easy for you to update. It's more than just using a great photo to accompany a blog post. Great design tells a story. And in web design, that's your brand story, your customer's story, and it's a reflection of your company. What does your mirror show you?

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Service Web Design
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Goal SettingIt all starts with your goals. The inherent value of goal setting lies in steering a business in the right direction. We work with you to determine your goals and develop a plan to reach them.

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SitemapOnce we have an idea of the business, the audience, and the content possibilities, we map out the content that will be included in your website.

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WireframesWireframing is important because it allows the designer to plan the layout and interaction of a website and its content before beginning the design phase.

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Custom Design or Theme SelectionDepending upon your site needs and budget, we will either create a custom site design or choose and configure a theme for you.

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Development & SetupThe finalized design is given to a developer, and the color palette and other design elements are translated into code and laid onto your website.

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Testing & LaunchBefore launch, we work to test across browsers. Training also ensures you know how to make updates via your new content management system (CMS).

Ask about the Sprk'd Foundation Formula™

Our workshops uncover your true goals, clearly define your audience, and create your content strategy. At the end of this foundational phase, we deliver a strategy that you can either implement on your own or hire us to do.


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