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Marketing Coaching

Our one-on-one Marketing Coaching is like having a personal trainer — for your business.

A personal marketing coach can be your cheerleader, your accountability partner, your sounding board, and your advisor. Never feel that fear and anxiety about your business decisions again with your coach in your corner. Your Sprk'd Marketing Coach is there to support and push you to achieve more.

The Sprk'd Coaching Format

Sprk'd Marketing Coaching involves at least two calls every month. Before each call, you complete assigned tasks that will form the basis for our discussions. Calls are conducted via phone or Skype and usually follow this format:

  1. Quick Catch Up: What’s new with your business since last we spoke?
  2. Progress Review: Did you take action towards your goal?
  3. Identify Roadblocks: What hurdles do we need to leap over?
  4. Take Action! We discuss ways to lower those hurdles and define what you need to do before our next session.
  5. Quick Recap: What did you accomplish and what do you plan to accomplish?

One-on-One Marketing Coaching provides you the greatest degree of support to reach your goals.

Please fill out the form below and specify what you're looking for so we can create a custom solution for your team.

Christine Mortensen

"I love teaching people how to grow their business online whether it's through blog posts, social media, SEO, infographics, and more. I love seeing that spark in business owner's eyes once it all clicks and comes together for them." - Christine Mortensen, Your Coach

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