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Case Study: Henry Patent Law

This Dallas-based patent law firm has boosted organic traffic by 980% — and growing — since partnering with Sprk’d

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  • Increased overall web traffic by 620% in eight months
  • Increased organic traffic by 980% in eight months
  • Generating sales-qualified leads and multiple new clients

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  • Foundation Formula™
  • HubSpot onboarding
  • Lead-gen content creation
  • Blog post writing and publishing
  • Email newsletter design and creation
  • Website migration

"I really wanted someone who would be easy to work with and was excited about the project. Someone who would be able to produce high-quality content without a whole lot of hand-holding."

Michael Henry, Ph.D.
Principal of Henry Patent Law Firm

In summer 2017, Michael Henry had a problem.

The problem wasn’t expertise. Henry Patent Law Firm, his Dallas-based boutique firm specializing in patent drafting and prosecution for innovative tech companies, is staffed with legal professionals with enough geekery among them to give Elon Musk a run for his money.

The problem wasn’t networking either. Michael is a bit of a unicorn in the legal world for being disarmingly laid back and actually likeable — so much so that when he left his previous position at a BigLaw firm, a whole bunch of clients decided to tag right along.

No, the problem was that Henry Patent Law Firm wasn’t getting found online. In July 2017, the firm’s website had received only 295 visits.

But fast-forward eight months, to March 2018, and Henry Patent Law Firm’s overall web traffic had surged by more than 620 percent.

What changed? Henry Patent Law Firm met Sprk’d.

Searching for the right content marketing partner

This is Michael Henry. He's a Sprk'd client.Everyone knows the usual stereotypes about lawyers: They work 24/7, their services don’t come cheap, and they get new clients through word-of-mouth referrals.

But Henry Patent Law Firm wanted to be different. After all, it was looking to team up with the best, the brightest, and the super-specialized…est in the tech world. (In geek-speak, that roughly translates into “leading innovators in high-tech and emerging technologies.”)

To attract the ideal client, Henry Patent Law Firm needed to expand its marketing repertoire.

In a turn of events that surprised absolutely no one, Michael first stumbled across the concept of content marketing when he was reading a book. From there, it wasn’t difficult for him to begin picturing his ideal marketing partner.

“I really wanted someone who would be easy to work with and was excited about the project,” Michael said. “Someone who would be able to produce high-quality content without a whole lot of hand-holding.”

But Michael was having trouble finding a business who actually fit the bill. He’d hoped to work with another Dallas-based company, but he wasn’t hitting it off with any of his local connections.

“I was really looking for the capability, the skills, the experience to get it done right,” he said.

Joining content marketing forces with Sprk’d

Eventually, Michael turned his search nationwide — and Sprk’d popped up near the top of his search. (Never let it be said that we don’t practice the SEO tips we preach!)

From the outset, Sprk’d’s responsiveness caught Michael’s eye. “Christine [Mortensen, the founder of Sprk’d,] responded to me almost immediately and scheduled a call very quickly. That was important,” he said.

Still, responding quickly to emails is one thing. Actually knowing your stuff is another.

And as it turned out, the Sprk’d Foundation Formula™ was the real introduction Michael needed to the value of Sprk’d’s services. He was thoroughly impressed by the depth of research and thoughtful analysis provided in the final report.

“No one else really offered anything as comprehensive,” Michael said.

As an added bonus, Sprk’d was able to customize a flexible pricing package to meet Henry Patent Law Firm’s specific needs — and offer services that grow as the firm does.

In Sprk’d, Henry Patent Law Firm had found something unprecedented: a perfect match for its needs.

“I couldn’t find anyone else who seemed to get it,” Michael said. “Sprk’d really understood what I was trying to accomplish.”

A content marketing match made in heaven

Content marketing typically takes six to nine months to start showing results, but Sprk’d proved its value almost immediately. Patent law is a tricky field to master, but the Sprk’d team was in full geek mode from the get-go.

“This is not just flattery,” Michael said. “I am always super impressed that they have learned patent law and picked up on the technical stuff so quickly.”

And to keep the whole ship sailing smoothly, the Sprk’d team regularly collaborates with Henry Patent Law Firm’s other vendors and clients as well.

“I especially appreciate the way Sprk’d has coordinated the work with [our web developer,] Creative Pickle,” Michael said. “Now I don’t even have to spend any of my own time managing the website.”

You could say Sprk’d and Henry Patent Law Firm get on like a house on fire: Their collaboration is igniting the highly technical conversation around patent law.

“We work as a team and Sprk’d values the input that I provide,” Michael said. “It’s been very easy and fun — really one of my favorite parts of my work!”

A content marketing strategy that sparks real results

The summer of 2017 has ended, and thanks to Sprk’d, Michael Henry’s no longer facing the same problems as he did back then.

In just eight months, Henry Patent Law Firm has seen its overall website traffic skyrocket by more than 620 percent. In particular, organic traffic has surged by 980 percent and accounts for about 74 percent of Henry Patent Law Firm’s total site traffic today.

But what’s traffic without ROI? Yep, the firm’s also received its very first sales-qualified leads through its website — and successfully converted some of those leads into customers.

“We have multiple new clients who are exactly the kind of clients we’ve been looking for, and they found us 100 percent through the Internet,” Michael said.

The firm’s newfound digital visibility has even led to requests for interviews from the likes of CNN Money.

“Sprk’d pretty much does everything. Every problem that I’ve run into, the team has been there,” Michael said. “I would definitely recommend Sprk’d to any small business that wants to do this type of content marketing!”

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