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Our team of experts have put together guides, tips and templates to help you propel traffic, drive leads and increase revenue through content marketing.

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content_creation_offer.jpg13 Ways to Create Calls to Action

Having downloadable content that appeals to your target audience is one of the most important aspects of inbound marketing. 

This free guide will show you 13 different ways you can create content that your website visitors will want to download. 

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Sprkd Lead Generation

Turn Your Site into a Lead Generation MachineThe measure of any inbound marketing team is the quality and volume of leads they bring in. By generating leads, you'll queue up your sales team for success, and ultimately drive revenue for your business.Make money for your business by converting website traffic into leads.Download Now


The ROI of Hubspot 2016 Report from MITHubSpot customers of all sizes saw significant increases in site traffic and lead conversion rates. Every year, HubSpot takes a look at real customer data and commissions an MIT Sloan student to crunch the numbers.This report captures the return on investment HubSpot customers have experienced from conducting inbound marketing with HubSpot software.Download Now

Sprkd Social Media Tool Comparision

How to Compare Social Media ToolsThere are literally hundreds if not thousands of social media tools out there, and choosing the perfect one for your business can be a daunting task.Download this handy worksheet to determine exactly which social media tools are right for you.

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Sprkd Landing Page

Pinterest for Business Marketing GuidePinterest is visited daily by more than 8 million visitors.You have a Twitter and Facebook marketing strategy but could you be reaching more people on Pinterest?Get your Pinterest for Business marketing plan started today by downloading our step by step guide to Pinterest marketing best practices.

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YouTube_Landing_Page.pngYouTube for Business Marketing Guide

YouTube is massive and has emerged as a highly influential digital marketplace where brands and their audience—customers, prospects, partners, advocates, critics, and competitors—all engage.

Start planning your YouTube for Business marketing strategy today by downloading our step by step guide to YouTube.

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Sprkd Buyer Personas Preview

Creating Buyer Personas

It's important to establish buyer personas for your business so you can segment your audience and create stronger marketing campaigns.

Our free, customizable buyer persona template will let you easily organize your research to create your very own buyer personas.

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Social Media Marketing Best Practices

This free guide will give you general social media guidlines to use across all networks as well as specific best practices for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube including:

  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Hastag Guidleines 
  • Social Media KPIs
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