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Successful businesses start with a solid foundation

Supercharge Your Marketing with the Foundation Formula™ in 3 steps

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STEP 1: Sync up your marketing goals with your overall business goals

Embark on your marketing program with the end in mind. We'll map out the milestones you need to hit to reach your goals.

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STEP 2: Home in on your ideal customer profile(s)

Talk about the RESEARCH: Run effective marketing campaigns by knowing what questions and apprehensions to purchase your ideal customers have about your service or product.

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STEP 3: Identify your plan of action for REAL results

Talk about RECOMENDATIONS & PLAN: Get going! Results don't just happen—they take a strategic, methodical approach. Your 6-month action plan gives you a path to lead generation.

What's in it for you?

Just a few benefits of the Foundation Formula

The Foundation Formula™ is our month-long deep dive into your business’s sales and marketing efforts, competitors, ideal customers, and more. At the end, you’ll be ready to break ground with a marketing plan designed to get you real results.


Get inside your customers' heads

We'll conduct customer and stakeholder interviews to identify your target customers and their biggest pain points. We’ll create thoughtful buyer personas to help you visualize and craft content tailored to their needs.


Climb to the top

How do you stack up against the competition? We’ll analyze your closest competitors’ efforts, find out what’s effective and what’s not, and show you how that knowledge can drive your own marketing strategy.


Get results now

Discover opportunities for quick wins, from high-quality, low-lift lead-generating content to optimizing your homepage for top-of-the-funnel conversion.


Follow the plan

We’ll put together a six- to 12-month content plan tailored to your business goals. Whether you hire us to execute it or decide to handle it in-house, you'll have a blueprint to build on the foundation we’ve created together.

Foundation Formula

Ready? Set. Go!

Lay your marketing foundation

Sprk’d’s month-long deep dive into your business’s sales targets, ideal customer profiles, biggest competitors, and marketing goals will culminate in an actionable blueprint for marketing that gets results.

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