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Successful businesses start with a solid foundation.

The Foundation Formula™ is Sprk’d’s signature service offering. At the end of this month-long deep dive into your business’s sales efforts, ideal buyer personas, biggest competitors, and existing marketing efforts, you’ll be ready to break ground on a marketing plan that gets results.

What you’ll get from the Foundation Formula process…


sprk'd foundation formula market differentiation

Market differentiation

What sets you apart? We’ll help you find that secret sauce and craft a strategy that will make you irresistible to prospects.

sprk'd foundation formula marketing integration

Marketing integration

What’s in your stack? Who are the players? All your tools and employees should be working toward the same goals. We’ll help align and integrate your operation to reach those goals.


sprk'd foundation formula audience insight

Audience insight

Who are your ideal target customers? We’ll create thoughtful buyer personas to help you visualize and craft content tailored to what they want and need.


sprk'd foundation formula long-term vision

Long-term vision

What’s next? We’ll show you how to apply our Foundation Formula findings and generate content that converts — no matter where your prospects are in the buyer’s journey.


sprk'd foundation formula competitor analysis

Competitive analysis

Who are you up against? We’ll analyze your closest competitors’ efforts, find out what’s effective and what’s not, and show you how to use that knowledge to drive your own marketing strategy.

sprk'd foundation formula tangible outcomes

Tangible outcomes

We’ll put together a three-month content plan based tailored to your business goals. Whether you hire us to execute it or decide to handle it in-house, you can go forth confidently with a blueprint to build on the foundation we’ve created together. 

"A fantastic resource and a valuable asset to any company."

Cristina Boehmer, Marketing Manager at Kapow Events

I work closely with Sprk'd to create and implement strategies for our marketing channels at Kapow Events. Christine and her team directly impacts our social media results with her industry knowledge and creativity. Their content generated 77% engagement on our Facebook page—a record high for our business. Sprk'd is extremely organized, timely and clearly communicates objectives. They are incredibly valuable in content brainstorms and more importantly, can execute their plan.

Foundation Formula deliverables

  • Half-day discovery workshop
  • Customized industry insights (PDF)
  • Buyer personas (PDF)
  • Sample three-month inbound content plan


sprk'd foundation formula deliverables
sprk'd foundation formula timeline overview

Typical Timeline

  • Week 1: On-site discovery workshop
  • Week 2: Digital deep dive
  • Week 3: Final details and clarifications
  • Week 4: Foundation Formula presentation

"Sprk'd is my marketing team."

Diane Fleetwood, Marketing Director of ZSS Skincare

Sprk’d has been with ZSS from the beginning. They are a critical team member and have helped build and shape the ZSS brand. They bring the ecommerce sales/marketing knowledge and expertise we need. They are content marketing, with the flexibility and agility to make it happen quickly, honestly and effectively. Go Team!

Ready to lay your marketing foundation?

Sprk’d’s month-long deep dive into your business’s sales targets, ideal buyer personas, biggest competitors, and marketing goals will offer you a blueprint for a marketing plan that gets results. Ready to learn more about the Foundation Formula? Take the first step: Fill out the form.

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