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Content Creation

Blog posts

Blog post writingNothing says, “We know our industry and are the best partner out there” better than a website that’s continually flooded with compelling new information that answers all your visitors’ burning questions. For maximum effect, create content that caters to readers at every stage of the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Packages include writing  (800–1,200 words each, topics pre-approved) and optimization, as well as featured image creation (stock photography rights will incur additional cost).

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Lead-generation content

Lead generationIf you’re seeing lots of visits to your website that don’t convert, it’s time to take the next step in your content marketing. eBooks, whitepapers and other lead-gen pieces offer valuable educational content to site visitors — behind a form that captures their contact information first. How you leverage that information to nurture them later is up to you!

Packages include research, writing (est. 2,500 words), optimization, and PDF design of lead-gen content (and accompanying call-to-action image), targeted toward a buyer persona. Stock photography rights will incur additional cost.

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Email Marketing

email marketingGot an email contact list a mile long? Don’t let it go to waste! Email marketing — from simple lead-nurturing campaigns to complex automated workflows — can unlock the power of your database by engaging a targeted audience with valuable content, event invitations, and more.

Packages include writing, generation (including associated graphic design, stock photography rights extra) and sending of campaigns up to three emails, using long-form content assets to re-engage dormant leads, or nurture new leads, or further engage existing customers.

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Hubspot Onboarding

The creators of HubSpot literally wrote the book on inbound marketing — and defined it as we do today — so if you’re ready to level up, HubSpot is the platform to take you there. Sprk’d is a certified HubSpot Partner and can help you get up and running with onboarding, training and tips for success.


HubSpot onboarding is a highly personalized process, so pricing will depend on a number of factors:

  • HubSpot license purchased
  • Existing marketing strategy
  • Collateral to be migrated
  • Number of contacts and complexity of existing lists

If you’re interested in Sprk’d’s help getting your business up and running on HubSpot, get in touch with us for a custom quote!

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Not sure what you need, or want to create a custom content creation package? Get in touch with the Sprk’d team, and we’ll figure it out together.

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