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Christine Mortensen


If you're not using infographics in one form or another to promote your business, your marketing probably sucks.

Überflip infographic on "The State of Digital Content"
Source: Überflip infographic on "The State of Digital Content"

That's right. It sucks. Why? Because we are visual creatures... and we're lazy. We don't like to read all that much online. Unless your users are looking for specific information they probably aren't going to read long form text. (Sorry copywriters, you're still very much needed though).

Another reason you should bring infographics into your marketing mix is because they are easily sharable, especially via social networks. And that trend is growing as you can see to the right.

But enough of the jibber jabber. Why tell you about all of this when I can show you via... an infographic? Brilliant!

Why you need Sprk'd Infographics

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