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Christine Mortensen


The following is in reaction to an article published by PR News discussing the importance of word and image complimenting one another in the media. I'd love to hear what you think.


While I agree entirely that word and image should go hand-in-hand, I cannot agree with the point made on this being a poor image choice for Marissa Mayer. First, the article is in Vogue... a (mostly) fashion magazine. (And it's not like she's wearing a bikini and being objectified. She's in a business dress) Also, did the author *read* the Vogue article? It talks quite a bit specifically about her clothes/style. So, in this particular instance word and image do actually compliment each other. Now, if the author were to question the merit of this interview/article and it's affect on her brand image... that is an entirely different debate.

Let's us know what you think about this. We'd love to hear it from all sides.

Thanks as always for reading,

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