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Few would contest that blogging forms an integral part of content marketing. If the most successful content marketing articles tend to be at least 2,400 words in length, then blogs offer writers a convenient, easily accessible platform for using longer articles to connect with their readers in an entertaining yet educational way.

state-blogging-sprkdBut for all we now know about blog post content, how bloggers spend their time remains a topic that’s rarely discussed.

Consequently, Orbit Media Studios recently surveyed over 1000 bloggers in order to find out their most common practices. The data indicates that bloggers are generally taking a more professional attitude towards their craft: they are spending more time writing longer posts during regular office hours, demonstrating that blogging is becoming more of a serious job than a side hobby.

To find out more, check out the infographic below. It summarizes the 2017 blogging statistics compiled from the Orbit Media Studios survey, and shows the current industry trends regarding blogging habits. Through it, you’ll be able to evaluate where you stand in relation to these trends, and what changes you can make to your current practices to better align them with blogging best practices.

State of Blogging-2017-20180319-1

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in January 2016. It has since been updated to reflect new data.

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