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Content Marketing 101: What Is Content Marketing?

by Anna Hasselbring on July 1, 2013

content mrketing 101

Content Marketing 101

Part 1 in a 4 part blog series

cm101In today’s tech and social media driven world everyone is now connected. Advancements in technology have given a new wave of both customers and entrepreneurs. In this highly competitive digital age many businesses have found they can achieve success with the help of content marketing.

Many small business owners, however, do not fully understand what content marketing is, why they should use it, and more importantly how to use it, but have no fear because Sprk’d is here to help!

In the next few weeks, we here at Sprk’d are going to break down content marketing in a 4 part blog series.

Post 1: What is content marketing (today’s post)

Post 2: Why content marketing important and overall beneficial for your business

Post 3: How to start using content marketing to grow your business

Post 4: How to maintain content marketing efforts in the future

So that brings us to part 1 of our journey:

What is content marketing?

A loose definition would be: creating and publishing media in any format with the intention of bringing recognition to a business through interacting and/or informing a specific (or target) audience.

Simply put, content marketing (and social media) is a way for businesses communicate with customers online.

In recent years the easiest and most effective way to make customer connection is online through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.) With the rise of various social media hubs and with the majority of people having the technology of laptops, smart phones, and tablets right at their fingertips it’s easier than ever to post and share content to the masses. Content marketing is one of the best ways a company can utilize the web to make their presence known.

Some common kinds of content used are:

  • Case studies: Show research and statistics regarding a certain topic
  • How to’s: guides with simple steps to follow in accomplishing a task or mission
  • Articles: Blog posts, information or explanation pieces, news stories
  • Infographics: Visual designs that use pictures and statistics to explain a case study, how to guide, or article (these have become increasingly effective in the past few years)
  • Visual media: Photos, graphics, and video

Although using content to lead your marketing may sound like a simple concept it requires a lot of work, creativity, research, and most of all TIME. Studies have shown that businesses require a minimum of 6 hours of content marketing management a week to maintain an online presence. That can become a pretty daunting task to a company that probably already has its hands full with day-to-day operations, therefore many don’t focus nearly enough attention towards content marketing efforts.

So then the next question arises: Why is content marketing important and how can it benefit your business?

Stay tuned for the next post to find out!

Have questions or want to know more? Let us know in the comments below or contact us.

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