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Using Trello Checklists Helps Us Manage Content and Web Projects

by Christine Mortensen on October 31, 2014

Using Trello for Content Management

Today I want to show you one of my favorite features in a handy little tool we use called Trello.

Trello can be used for all sorts of task management! At Sprk’d, we use it manage all of our client projects: from web design, content strategy, to day-to-day content creation tasks like tweets, email marketing, infographics and more.

The other day though, I was going through our regular routine and thought, "Hey, checklists are a great help to us when managing client projects and to keep tabs on who is doing what (and when). I bet people don't know how easy it is to make checklists in Trello."

So... I made this little video to help show you just how easy they make it to create to do lists for all the different activities going on in any given project. It's literally as easy as a copy and paste!

You also get a little sneak peek at how we keep our projects on track and on time because you should never have to suffer the cost for an agency's inefficiencies. But more on that another time. Check out the video below and let us know what you think! We'll be sharing more tips like this in the future so subscribe and stay tuned.

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