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by Christina Zambon on December 9, 2013

Twitter Tip: The #1 Mistake People Make on Twitter

What's the most common mistake people make on Twitter?

When you tweet, you want all of your followers to see it, right?

Well, if your tweet starts with the @ sign, Twitter will view that as a reply, and only the person with that handle, as well as the people that follow you and that person, will see your tweet.

What if you want to circumvent this? For example, if you want to mention someone at the beginning of a tweet, put a period before the @ sign. This way, Twitter will recognize that it's not a reply, and all your followers will see it.

We've written about this a few times before but it is still one of the most common errors we see on Twitter. Here's an example:

Wrong (Only Eataly will see this tweet.)

Right (All of your followers will see this tweet!)

Twitter tip - don't start tweets with @

Just a little Twitter tip from the Sprk'd team to you! We want you to learn how to use social media as effectively as possible, and will be including more tips like this in future newsletters, so make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss a single tip.


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