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Christine Mortensen


TravelBlender_Net-NotWorkingIt's time for a break

I don't know about you but we've been working our butts off this winter! While the extreme cold and snow in Chicago has made the idea of working more often slightly more palpable—burn-out happens to the best of us. It's time for a break no matter where you are!

Meet TravelBlender

That's why we're so excited to tell you about another Mid-western startup we've been hustling with called TravelBlender—a company dedicated to helping people share experiences in a more natural setting than traditional networking by doing things they would enjoy anyways—like travel!

How can you help? And help yourself?

Even better, the founder Genevieve, has entered a business competition where she could win enough funds to make her entrepreneurial dreams even closer to reality. All she needs is SEVEN more people interested in her Chicago weekend of fun and relaxing "Net Not-Working" in order to go into the competition on even more sound footing. Why not help her out by taking a look at the trip and requesting a trip date for this or any of their other amazing travel options they offer!

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