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Anna Hasselbring


The amount of women who are deciding to take the leap and start their own business is growing steadily every year. They look to entrepreneurship for independence, free reign on management and creative decisions, but most of all to create a successful business. One of the many important decisions these women entrepreneurs face is deciding where they should start their new business so that it thrives to its greatest potential.

Entreprenuer.com released an awesome Inforgraphic listing the top 10 cities for female entrepreneurs. The top cities were determined by key factors such as: amount of businesses, percentage of women owned businesses, income per capita, unemployment rate and the percent of population with a bachelor’s degree. These factors were complied for 48 of the nation’s most populated cities and each was given a score, the higher the score the more likely the city would be acclimated for women entrepreneurs.

The top 10 cities with the highest scores were:

1. San Francisco, California (highest income per capita, most businesses per 100 residents)

2. Seattle, Washington

3. Washington D.C. (highest percentage population with Bachelor’s degree, highest percentage of businesses owned by women)

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

5. Portland, Oregon

6. Atlanta, Georgia

7. Austin, Texas (lowest unemployment rate)

8. Raleigh, North Carolina

9. Denver, Colorado

10. San Diego, California



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