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The Scoop On Paper, Facebook's Groundbreaking New App

by Christina Zambon on February 17, 2014

Paper lifestyle shot

You may have heard, but just one day before its ten-year anniversary, Facebook launched Paper, its new app that "completely reimagines your News Feed". In short, Paper looks nothing like the News Feed you're used to seeing on your computer or mobile screen.

This is how Paper makes my News Feed look now:

We can't really explain the experience of using Paper any better than this guy does, who used the new app exclusively for the past ten days, and then wrote about it. The result, he says? "Paper has transformed how I use Facebook and I have no intention of opening the original iPhone app again." and:

"Paper is a slower, more thoughtful reading experience that counters the speed and reactive nature of Twitter."

Perhaps the most interesting new feature of Paper is its curated content sections. This new feature perfectly aligns with Zuckerberg's goal to make Facebook the "world's best personalized newspaper": If you've headed on over to your News Feed, and it's boring to you, well, you can still discover and read interesting content, from sections like "Headlines", "Tech", Creators", "Flavor"... i.e., you never have to worry about being bored by Facebook again.

And hey—as an added perk, it's currently ad free! No ads will be jamming up your News Feed on Paper for now... so enjoy that while you can.

Paper is currently only available on the iPhone.

If you can't tell already, we're big fans of this new way to experience Facebook. What about you? Will you be using it? Have you used it? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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