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Christine Mortensen


Starbucks content network

Can't we as marketers find another way to monetize our websites other than more ads?!

Starbuck's has monetized their wifi by introducing advertisements before allowing users to connect. I get it, it's free wifi. I shouldn't be complaining. But your coffee is 5x the cost of regular coffee I can get anywhere else. As a small business owner and entrepreneur other coffee shop options aren't always available. Meetings at Dunkin' Donuts aren't going to start happening any time soon.

Trust me, I'd love to frequent local "mom & pop" shops more often. But you're everywhere Starbucks... especially downtown Chicago. In fact, I'm writing this from one right now. You've just made it too damn easy.

Oh and don't get me started on your app with your star rewards. I've never been so caffeinated before this app. Point is... your marketing team is clearly smart. Can't they find another way to increase your revenue without going to ads?

What do you think about marketers always leaning on ads for site monetization? Leave your thoughts below.

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