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Workshop: Creating Your Small Business Content Strategy

by Spark'd Author Photo Christine Mortensen on January 17, 2015

Next Door Content Strategy Workshop

With 81% of consumers going online before heading out to the store or talking to a sales rep, every business needs a solid online presence—this includes your website, your blog, social media, and more.

Because building a solid online foundation is so important we're teaming up with Next Door Chicago to provide startups and small business founders a workshop on why having a content strategy is beneficial and how to create one.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • Why having a content strategy is important
  • What steps to take to create your content strategy
  • How to identify your ideal customers
  • Tips on creating content for your customers
  • Q&A

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Next Door Cafe -
659 West Diversey Parkway
Chicago, IL 60657

February 10th, 2015
6:00 - 7:30 PM

Who should attend:
Startup founders, Small business owners, or those in charge of marketing at a small business or startup.

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