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Christine Mortensen


sophie_picAs are all internships, my three months in summer 2013 with Sprk’d went by quickly. As are very few, it taught me an unbelievable amount about social media strategy, online content curation, and journalistic voice. Oh, and myself.

I returned in early June, fresh off my trip to Berlin, and honestly dreading the proverbial intern grunt work. It was (fortunately) not what I expected at all.

Sprk’d founder and sparky mastermind Christine started giving me creative license off the bat to write blog posts on topics which interested me, allowing me a journalistic voice. After a few weeks, I was penning the weekly newsletters and doing research on new data in the content marketing world. More recently, I’ve been concentrating on curating content and drafting posts for Sprk’d accounts and a new client, Entrepreneurs Unpluggd. Trying on all of these different client personas has taught me how to transform my written voice and consider topics from different perspectives. I’m positive that this skill will never grow insignificant for me in the future.

Even though I planned for this to be just a summer thing, I liked this work and company so much that when asked, I decided to stay on for the school year. But I’m not an intern anymore... (!)

Perhaps most importantly, this internship taught me more than I’d even known about the way I work, how I manage tasks, and what I need in a job to get totally engaged in what I’m producing to do a good job.

Overall, it was a really great experience and I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to become more involved in this venture as it grows into something even more interesting. Thank you to the team at Sprk’d for teaching me so much and promising to teach me even more in the coming months. Get Sprk’d!

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