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Christine Mortensen

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3 Ways to Up Your Clickability Quotient

Your articles are interesting–but do they convert to clicks, reads, or shares? Here’s what customers and clients are clicking now. Shooting for these qualities will get your articles noticed, clicked, read, and shared on social media.

Looks Matter

Gone are the days when companies can afford to post content that’s not visually appealing. Looks matter, and the popularity of image-driven content is driving the rise of platforms like Pinterest and the continued dominance of the infographic as information delivery device. Seduce your client into a conversion and increase traffic with articles that incorporate a strong visual presence, carefully-selected imagery, and the occasional data visualization piece.

Respect The Clock… But Don’t Fear Depth

Customers and clients are busier than ever before–and so are you! That’s why short and sweet content is the most clickworthy. Think about it: The sooner your audience can digest your message, the sooner they can see why you’re the best. You owe it to yourself to think about ways to create delicious takeaways for your reader. Hint: try breaking down complex ideas into charts, bulleted lists, or a series of posts to create more leads for your startup. Bite-sized bits of digital information are a great way to go in the fast-paced world of digital content.

That said, there’s a growing trend toward the exact opposite–Google search results now show a marked preference for in-depth, longer content that's over 2,000 words. If you’ve got an idea that just doesn’t lend itself to the quick-and-dirty treatment (or deserves a deeper dive), don’t be afraid to go long. Just keep your reader in mind: While readers associate long content with higher quality (and Google can rank longer content higher), they’ll glaze over if you don’t deliver on your promise of a great read.

It’s All In Your Head

It’s every company’s dream to create viral content that blows up online. But the first step is catching someone’s attention, and a carefully-constructed headline is the key to a conversion. To increase traffic, think about your reader first. What are their problems? Their ambitions and concerns? Can you play off of a popular song or current event to draw them in? Ask a question they can’t wait to answer. Appeal to their “huh?!” or “wow!” gene and they’ll be clicking, reading, and sharing in no time flat.

Remember: Nobody will know how interesting your business is if they don’t click! Give your content the shot it deserves by paying attention to looks, format, and headline, then sit back and watch the leads roll in.

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