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A Long Awaited Welcome to Mr. Ben

by Christine Mortensen on February 25, 2014

Ben AlsipPoor Ben. He has been working with us for quite some time now and we had yet to post a proper welcome for him. Well today we change that by helping you get to know him a bit better. Ben Alsip is not only a wonderful writer, a talented designer, and a passionate environmentalist—I am proud to also be able to call him a friend.

What made you decide to join the Sprk'd team?

Having a steady flow of freelance, I wasn’t necessarily looking for work when Christine (a.k.a. Morty) first told me about Sprk’d. Her excitement was quite compelling, and I knew she would allow me to have substantial creative input, facilitating collaboration rather than a food chain.

What are you most passionate about and why?

Our environment is the only one we have. We need to get smart quickly about how our daily decisions impact earth’s ecosystems.

What gets you most excited about social media or content marketing in general?

Social media can be used as a pivot in leveling the information playing field.

What's #2 on your bucket list? And why is that not #1?

I’ve been so fixated on #1 (seeing the Aurora Borealis), that I can’t say I’ve given much thought to #2. Off the top of my head, I have something that I’ve dreamt about, but hadn’t ranked it on the bucket list: two-wheeled road trip down the North American coast from Alaska to somewhere north of LA.

Do you have a favorite sport?

Think of a physical feat that few people on earth can do sublimely well. Now imagine people doing that on ice. Hockey is astounding.

Have a favorite childhood memory?

I have many favorite childhood memories, but the best ones are of a common theme and tone. The sense of adventure is like manna for a young boy. My close friends and I reveled in dreaming up scenarios pregnant with possibility, fueled by any number or possible combination of fictions. Palpably, we spend our adult lives looking for the adult version of that sense of possibility, unburdened by the drabness of maturity.

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