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Amy Mortensen


A LinkedIn Company Page, the perfect vehicle for businesses—particularly B2B companies—to promote their products/services, recruit the best talent and share interesting and useful information. If you’re going to have a LinkedIn Company Page (and you should) then you better make sure it’s full of quality content.

Your LinkedIn Company Page may be just one page among many in your social media arsenal but it’s the one with the most professional audience, so if that’s your target audience you need to do this right. According to research from LinkedIn, 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to do business with companies that they interact with on LinkedIn.

Building Your Perfect Page

Company Overview

You want your LinkedIn page to be one of the first search results when potential customers search for your services/products. Your company overview needs to be clear, concise and relevant. Don’t use tons of industry buzzwords or the standard search terms that every one of your competitors is using. If you’re a business law firm in Chicago, concentrating on commercial litigation – say just that, it will help your search ranking, and people will know if they found what they’re looking for.

Logo and Banner Image

People are drawn to brands and images they recognize, which means your banner image needs to be high quality and consistent with your branding in other areas. It is also important to make sure your logos are the appropriate dimensions (on LinkedIn there are 2 logo sizes and placements). Otherwise, you may look like you showed up at the business meeting in your pajamas.

Careers Page

At the moment, Careers Pages are a paid feature, but if your company hires talent on a regular basis, then LinkedIn is one of the places you should be recruiting employees. Career Pages will also help you get more exposure to a professional audience. Remember your career page is also an extension of your brand and will also help with your search rankings.

Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages can be used to highlight sub-brands or product lines. Showcase Pages allow you to create a customized message for different audience segments. LinkedIn users can follow Showcase Pages for information on specific topics or products they’re interested in. Since this content will be more relevant and focused, it is likely to result in higher engagement.

Featured Groups

Featuring groups on your LinkedIn Company Page can do a few things for your page. They can alert new visitors to other avenues of information that might be helpful to them while also allowing you to cross-promote your content drawing more followers to your Company Page.

Company Updates

Your company page should be thought of as a discussion forum rather than a  platform to advertise. While you should post company news and share your original content, this is not a channel for direct salesmanship. This is a place to discuss industry news and create a dialog through thought-leadership. Post useful tips and links to helpful industry resources. If you solve people’s problems or make it easier for them to do their job, they’ll be more inclined to share your content.

Page Analytics

Reviewing basic follower statistics is one thing but beyond that, LinkedIn analytics can provide valuable insight into how well your brand is engaging with its community. Analytics can help you understand which updates/topics have been most successful identifying trends across key metrics. This insight will allow you to adjust your content strategy to create more helpful and engaging updates.

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