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Self-Guided Content Marketing Action Plans

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You don't have time to tend to every new social network out there, handle all of your customers' needs, and find time for friends and family.

That's why we created Action Plans!

These 10 training sessions help you determine where you should be spending your precious time online.

Every Business Needs a Plan of Action

Our Action Plans lay out day-by-day activities for you so you can create your own content strategy and learn how to use social media, blog post writing, and search engine optimization (SEO) like the pros.

This course is ideal for the hands-on, do-it-yourself business owner or startup founder.

These worksheets help you create a solid foundation from which your online presence can be built.

Our day-by-day plans are delivered directly to your inbox each week so you can complete the exercises at your own pace.

Each of the 10 weeks covers a different topic:

Week 1: What is Content Strategy?

Week 2: Goals + Objectives

Week 3: Competitive Analysis

Week 4: Defining Personas

Week 5: Finding your audience & choosing your channels

Week 6: Website Review - What you need 

Week 7: How to maintain a blog (Content Calendar)

Week 8: How to create a great blog post

Week 9: Social Media intro

Week 10: How to measure results and adjust your plan

Action Plans

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We also offer you a private 1-hour strategy session.

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After your purchase, you will receive a welcome email that will include:

  1. Your first week’s Action Plan (with the rest to follow once a week)
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  3. A link to schedule your personalized 1-hour strategy call

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